Public Class Methods

detect() click to toggle source

Detect the current command runner

This will return an instance of the Runner to be used to do the application launching.

If a runner cannot be detected then raise Runner::NotFoundError

The runner rules are, in order:

1) If you are on windows, you use the Windows Runner no matter what 2) If you are using the jruby engine, use the Jruby Runner. Unless rule

(1) took effect

3) Use Forkable (barring rules (1) and (2))

# File lib/launchy/detect/runner.rb, line 22
def self.detect
  host_os_family = Launchy::Detect::HostOsFamily.detect
  ruby_engine    = Launchy::Detect::RubyEngine.detect

  return if
  if ruby_engine.jruby? then
    require 'spoon'

Public Instance Methods

commandline_normalize( cmdline ) click to toggle source
# File lib/launchy/detect/runner.rb, line 46
def commandline_normalize( cmdline )
  c = cmdline.flatten!
  c = c.find_all { |a| (not a.nil?) and ( a.size > 0 ) }
  Launchy.log "commandline_normalized => #{c.join(' ')}"
  return c
dry_run( cmd, *args ) click to toggle source
# File lib/launchy/detect/runner.rb, line 53
def dry_run( cmd, *args )
  shell_commands(cmd, args).join(" ")
run( cmd, *args ) click to toggle source
# File lib/launchy/detect/runner.rb, line 57
def run( cmd, *args )
  if Launchy.dry_run? then
    $stdout.puts dry_run( cmd, *args )
    wet_run( cmd, *args )
shell_commands( cmd, args ) click to toggle source

cut it down to just the shell commands that will be passed to exec or posix_spawn. The cmd argument is split according to shell rules and the args are not escaped because they whole set is passed to system as *args and in that case system shell escaping rules are not done.

# File lib/launchy/detect/runner.rb, line 40
def shell_commands( cmd, args )
  cmdline = [ cmd.shellsplit ]
  cmdline << args.flatten.collect{ |a| a.to_s }
  return commandline_normalize( cmdline )


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