Detect the current desktop environment for *nix machines Currently this is Linux centric. The detection is based upon the detection used by xdg-open from

Public Class Methods

detect() click to toggle source

Detect the current *nix desktop environment

If the current dekstop environment be detected, the return NixDekstopEnvironment::Unknown

# File lib/launchy/detect/nix_desktop_environment.rb, line 15
def self.detect
  found = find_child( :is_current_desktop_environment? )
  return found if found
  raise NotFoundError, "Current Desktop environment not found. #{Launchy.bug_report_message}"
fallback_browsers() click to toggle source
# File lib/launchy/detect/nix_desktop_environment.rb, line 21
def self.fallback_browsers
  ] firefox seamonkey opera mozilla netscape galeon ]


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